Have you had keratin smoothing and not that keen? That's because you have not had it done with us. We hear these stories every week. We are not in the habit of offering cheap deals. Selling group on vouchers. We have one focus. To do it right. The sweetness of a cheap price does not last as long as the sourness of poor results. We actually have clients that have been elsewhere and then come and seen us after a month. All keratin services are NOT the same.

Our permanent hair straightening service can take anywhere between 3-6 hours with most being around the 3-4 hour time frame. Hair shape and texture is decided on your genetics. This dictates the shape of your hair bond which ultimately gives your hair its look, whether it be thick, curly, frizzy etc. Thermal rebonding will literally crush that bond into a flat, straight shape and lock it into that shape permanently.

Keratin Hair Smoothing Straightening Treatment - From Perth's No 1 Hair Straightening and Smoothing Salon

Keratin Hair Smoothing Perth

Our hair smoothing will treat the hair with a smooth finish along the hair shaft. It will also reduce volume and frizz by up to 80% or more. Keratin smoothing does not alter the actual structure of your hair at all and is non chemical. This allows it to be performed on any hair types regardless of health and condition of hair. As Keratin does not physically reconstruct your hair it lasts up to five months depending on lifestyle.Unlike a lot of keratin straightening products on the market it actually works. *

The Keratin gradually wears off the hair over time so the more you shampoo or swim the lesser it lasts and the less you shampoo or swim the longer it lasts. Some people are very lucky and their hair takes better than expected and lasts a lot longer. But that is something to be aware of, not something we can guarantee. For longer term or even straighter hair, try permanent straightening instead.

We guarantee to listen to what you want and need from your hair smoothing and will deliver results that will suit both your personality and lifestyle. It's not only about looking good, it's about feeling good and enjoying the entire experience at our North Perth hairdressers. Look up hair straightening Perth on Facebook. To further enhance the results and longevity we have developed our own system in salon via 19 years of experience and doing them almost every day. That's how we achieve even better results than salons even using the same product ;) 

*Results based on using recommended shampoo+conditioner (straight).