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Perths BEST Keratin Smoothing Straightening Service in Perth

Keratin Hair Straightening from Perth's No 1 Hair Straightening salon-

We have been performing keratin based smoothing service with great success for over 19 years. We do dozens per week and are always hearing how someones keratin has not worked (not by us)

We do not have that problem. If you would like to check out more of our work click HERE or if you would like to read up on other straightening or smoothing options click HERE

What's New in our Keratin Hair Straightening?

With our Brazilian style formula, your hair can be smoother and shinier than ever before. You no longer have to wait several days after your treatment to shampoo your hair - you can shampoo on the same day, but you probably won’t even need to as the Brazilian Blowout style Keratin service includes a rinse to avoid that gluggy feeling afterwards. We have developed our own unique technique to give you the best,longest lasting results in Perth. We even have interstate clients fly in for our results. Try it at our hair salon today.

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In the past, the only products made specifically to be safe following Keratin hair straightening was Keratin friendly shampoo. There were no Keratin friendly options or other treatments, thermal protectors, serums, etc. The problem is that that many common ingredients found in hair products affect the Keratin on your hair.

After utilising many products we have found a range that is friendly with our keratin smoothing and does not cause any issues it is available in salon and called Straight

A lot of people will Google for more information, it’s probably how you found us in the first place. Please remember that our current Keratin product is unique and any other keratin products are not the same and do not offer as good a result. Our Keratin actually works, we have tried literally dozens that do not even come close. Also it is 50% who is doing it too ;)


There is a lot a misinformation around mainly due to poor products, poor training an lack of attention during the service.

Here's a few

1. It lasts 2-3 months ? Not true unless you use non recommended products, Swim a lot or wash your hair every day. Great care means up to 5 months.

2. It did only last 2-3 months ? Well if not the above it is either an inferior product (we've seen a few) Or poor execution by operator.

3. You can use whatever you like on your hair afterwards ? Sure you can. But if it does not last as long you will know why and we cannot be held responsible to what happens at home

4. It Just needs to be sulphate free products afterwards ? As much as sulphate based products are harsher. No that is not the reason. The reason certain products have adverse outcomes can come from a host of ingredients in them

5.Just using a "keratin" shampoo will be ok ? Probably not, Remember just because you have had a keratin service they are not the same. Some only last a couple of months. Why use that product ?

6. It should only take two hours or less to do ? Good luck with that. Try 2.5 - 3.5 hours if done correctly

7. I cannot wash or tie my hair up for days ? Not true. There is no restriction. Although we recommend 10 days after for colour. If you hear this its not real keratin

8. Its damaging and drying on my hair ? Ha ha ha. This is what we hear from salons that do not offer this service. Simply not true. It does not have the ability to damage your hair.

9. "I can get done $200" NO you cannot get for $200. You can get someone to put a product on your hair with keratin in fro $200 BUT you will NOT achieve our results. Never.


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